Friday, June 20, 2014

A Cute Little Apron-DIY

So my kitchen has a combination of navy and yellow and when I saw these two fabrics I couldn't help myself! I decided it was time to make a cute little apron for serving and finishing meals for guests. Not my big baking apron. Something fun and cute...ya know what I mean?

First up it was time to cut the fabric for the waistband/ties.

I folded my fabric in half and decided to make this 4 inches wide.

I did this twice.

Next I took my yard of yellow fabric and folded it in half. The fold is on the right. (And as usual I avoided using the iron after washing.)

I measured and marked where 11 inches was using my disappearing ink fabric pen. This was my measurement for my waist. (I want my apron to just wrap around a bit.)

Then I measured up the other side to 9 inches.

Using my straight edge I made a line from my 9 inch mark to my 11 inch mark.

Then from my 9 inch mark I freehand drew a semi-circle to the fold in my fabric.

Look mom my art classes are paying off! That's a pretty nice line.

Then I took my rotary cutter and cut along my lines.

When you unfold your fabric it should look a little something like this!

Well I finally decided to get out the iron...ugh. I started by ironing the navy fabric and then I ironed the yellow fabric as well. (I didn't take any photos of it because I don't need a lot of evidence showing that I do actually know how to use one...and then I might have to start ironing clothes.)

I cannot remember for the life of me where I learned this little trick but I drew on a piece of card stock the measurement for 1/2 inch so I could fold and press my fabric to make it easier for sewing.

Once I made my way around the yellow fabric it was time to assemble the waistband. I lined but both strips of fabric right sides together.

Then I sewed a seam.

Then I opened up the massively long strip of fabric and folded it in half.

Pinned it in place and then sewed a seam down the long side and down one of the short sides.

Once that seam is done turn your fabric right side out using the open end.

Once you get it all turned the right side out press it with your iron.

Then fold in the other end and sew it shut.

Now using your machine go ahead and sew all the edges you pressed earlier using your handy piece of card stock.

Then pin your waistband to the top of the apron.

Make sure you pin it with the waistband on the front.

Sew into place.

Next up a little pocket for our apron. I cut an 11x12 inch rectangle.

Using my blue fabric I cut a 1x13 inch strip.

Yup I used the iron again.

I folded the blue fabric in half and pressed it.

I then folded one side back into its self and pressed the seam.

I then repeated on the other side.

I placed the strip of blue on top of the yellow and sewed it into place.

Then using my handy seam measurement piece of card stock I pressed the other three sides into place.

Then I pinned the pocket onto the front.

Sew the pocket into place. Then trim any strings.

Okay you're done!

Isn't this adorable! I'm absolutely in love with it!

Now I need a reason to have some people over for dinner so I can wear this!