Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

My husband and I love to try new beers. Whenever we have a party everyone ends up bringing over bottled beer. We're constantly trying to remember to bring a bottle opener out to the patio and to find all the bottle caps that fall off tables so the dog and kids don't step on them. 

So when I saw this wall mounted bottle opener on Pinterest I knew I HAD to make one for our patio. 

Luckily I had done several other small wood working projects so I already had several scraps of wood to choose from.  I ordered both the Bottle Opener and the Cap Collector from Amazon. Thanks to my Prime Membership shipping was free with two day delivery! 

So I gathered my supplies and headed outside to get working.

I started by cutting the wood using a circular saw. I cut it to 14 inches in length. The box for the bottle opener said there needed to be 7 inches from the bottom of the opener to the top of the cap collector. 

(photo props to the hubs...thanks for not telling me my hair looked Medusa's on that windy day.)

Then I had my trusty 2 year old rough up the wood a bit with a hammer. 

Then I sanded down the rough edges with a handheld sander.

Our patio accent color is blue so I decided to use Cerulean blue acrylic paint. Again I enlisted my 2 year old assistant for help. (Which resulted in paint on my craft table.)

Once the pain was dry I chose a font I liked on my computer to use for the lettering. I decided on Brush Script and enlarged the font size to 144. 

I then taped on the paper onto the piece of wood and traced the letters and drew in some diagonal lines as well using a ball point pen. This will leave a small indent in the wood so I know where to paint.

I raided my supply of acrylic paints for the white I used for the lettering as well as black for the shadowing.

Sorry for the blurry images. I could have sworn I took a few more pictures.

Eek! Another blurry one...

Once that was dry I went outside with my can of Minwax PolyShades in Bombay Mahogany Gloss (I already owned) to stain the piece of wood over the acrylic paint. I used one of the old t-shirts in our rag bin and just blotted the stain all over.

After I let it sit for about 5 minutes then I used a dry clean rag to wipe off an excess stain. 

Once it was dry I used my handy sander again to sand a few spots back down to the wood around the edges. Then I marked my holes to drill the opener and cap collector onto the wood. And that was all it took to make this beautiful bottle opener for the patio. 

Unfortunately it's too cold outside to sit and enjoy a few beers with our friends but until it is warm enough this baby will be sitting on the kitchen counter.

The total cost of this project:

Bottle Opener: $5.49
Cap Collector: $5.85
Wood: already owned
Paints: already owned
Stain: already owned

Total: $11.34 


  1. After long time finally I found beer opener with cap collector for my wall. Thanks for this post.

  2. That is too cute! We love trying out new brews too!

    1. There are so many options out there now. It's as much fun as finding a great new wine!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's nice to not hunt for an opener anymore.

  4. That is too cute and very creative!

  5. Perfect creation for those who entertain a lot. I'm sure it's a hit among friends.

    1. Its great everyone knows where it's located!

  6. Now that is smart!!! Perfect for a patio or deck! I love the little beer bottle cap catcher also. My husband can never seem to find a trash can!

    1. The catcher is really nice to have with a dog and little kids. No one is stepping on caps or trying to eat them!