About Me

I've done crafts and art my whole life. I even almost majored in art in college (but went to physical education instead.)

I'm a stay at home mom of two amazing kids. During my first pregnancy I had no desire to nest or craft. I just wanted to move into our new house paint the nursery and spend the rest of my time at volleyball. With my second pregnancy the nesting hit me HARD! I wanted to organize everything and make stuff before the baby came. This all had to be worked around my always busy volleyball schedule.

Throughout my pregnancy I posted things I did on Facebook for family and friends to see and several people told me I should start a blog so here it is! Upside of Chaos. 

Even though I plan to do certain projects (I'll even buy all the materials) I will be in the middle of something and I usually switch gears and end up doing another random project! 

This blog will document how I continue to make our house into a home via organizing, crafting, and food as I work around two kids under the age of three, a dog and my husband.

With my mind full of projects and Starbucks and Pinterest to help fuel all these ideas I can't wait for you to see what I come up with to tame the chaos as I craft and organize our home.



  1. Hi Erin! I stumbled upon your blog and love your sewing projects! You seem like a gal after my own heart so I wanted to say "hello"!

    Have a spectacular day!


  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to check out your blog!