Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fabric Bunting

I love fabric bunting! It's such an easy way to make cute decor for a kids room. If you saw my post Wooden Chalkboard Labels you might have noticed the blue, green and brown bunting above my son's cubby unit in his room. So baby girl also needed some bunting for quick decor in her room too. 

I picked up three different fabrics and cut a triangle template out of cardboard. The bottom of the triangle is 5 inches across and the angles are 7 inches. 

Using my handy disappearing ink fabric pen I traced my template onto the fabric.

Then I used a ruler to make a line across the points of all the triangles to double the number of them. 

Using my pinking scissors I cut long the lines and voila! A bunch of triangles!

Repeat the process on fabric #2.

Then again on #3. Make sure you have an even number of each because they will be front and back. 

There are two ways to sew your bunting.

1. Put the fabric right side together and sew the 7 inch sides, clip the corner and then turn the fabric right side out after. Which is how I did the bunting for my son's room. 
2. Sew the fabric with the wrong sides together so you can see where you used the pinking scissors. 

I decided to use the second method this time because I thought it was more playful for my little girl's room. 

So I put the pieces wrong side together so I could begin sewing. 

Just sew straight down the 7 inch side. 

 Repeat on the other side leaving the top open.

 As you can see I'm anti ironing sometimes....there is a LARGE scar on my arm from a battle with an iron. I only use it when I think it's absolutely necessary.

 Next up grab your bias tape. 

Its double folded I just insert the 5 inch side of the fabric into the first fold and pin it down. 

Make sure the fabric is all the way in the fold so it will be secure after you sew.

Pin all your fabric down. 

Sew across the bias tape.

All done!

You can hang your bunting how ever you like. I need to make a trip to get some more command hooks to hang it...until then tape keeps it up off the floor.


**3 fabrics all 1/2 yard: $13
Bias tape: $2

Total: $15

**I always buy more fabric than I need. I used about 1/4 of a yard of each fabric. I just like to have extra on hand for small projects. 


  1. I adored the beauty of the wall! Any color seems perfectly fit on it. I can imagine how I am going to arrange the slumber party for my kids. A fabric bunting, cool!
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