Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No Sew Outdoor Curtains

We have a nice covered patio out back. We really love this space (let's be real the patio was one of the biggest reasons we bought our house). However it gets pretty hot out there in the summers. I've always wanted patio curtains out there but lets face it outdoor curtains are really, really, really expensive. So I opted for a bunch of canvas drop cloths.

Each of these packages contains TWO...yes you heard me TWO drop clothes! Each pack was only $10.88!

The next biggest expense was going to be curtain rods. Our patio is pretty big. We figured it was going to cost us a small fortune in curtain rods...but while browsing our local Home Depot (date night!) we saw some electrical conduit...which happens to almost be the same size as a curtain rod for a lot less! So we bought four of those bad boys and some curtain rod hangers and we were in business.

Please ignore my fan...it's disgusting. I've tried to get it clean but it really doesn't want to be. Which is why it's going to be replaced....it's pretty ugly too.

We had a bit of a debate on how we were going to hang these wonderful and glorious curtains. Hubs One option: trim all the drop clothes and sew a sleeve and then just slide it over the pole...too much work for me. My option: buy the curtain rings with alligator clips on them and we can remove them as necessary. We went back and forth a bit. Would the clips hold the fabric in a bad storm and we weren't home to take them down. If we did the sleeve would the whole curtain and rod rip off if there was a storm. (we get a lot of storms and some serious wind) In the end I won with the clips! And they're amazing!

We just folded the excess cloth over and clipped the fabric in regular intervals and what do you know its perfect! The curtain ring clips can even withstand two kids pulling on the curtains and racing through them as fast as they can.

It's blocks the afternoon sun from hitting the tv so unwatchable. Gives us some shade so we can extend out time outside with the little ones.

You can even enclose the covered patio for a bit of a cabana feel! We're definitely getting our monies worth from these curtains.

I also can't wait to use the curtains this fall and winter as insulation from the colder weather!


  1. This ROCKS!! I love love love this idea!! Where did you purchase your drop cloths and are they made of canvas? I also love how you clipped the excess over the front, looks like ruffles:) How fun!

  2. Thanks Marisa! I purchased them at Home Depot and they are cotton canvas (machine washable!)


  3. i love the lights ont he top! it does have a cabana feel

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