Friday, February 21, 2014

Spice Cabinet Organization

My spice cabinet has been driving me crazy! I can't ever seem to find anything and there is no flow to it what so ever. So I decided to clean the whole thing out. 

I filled up two counters with stuff. I can't even tell you how many duplicates of things I found. Which I know I bought because I thought I didn't have any.

Once I got it all on the counter I decided to look at what I had and decided the best way to use this cabinet is to do half with my my spices, herbs, oils etc and the other half my baking ingredients.

I also added Command Hooks to the doors for my measuring spoons and measuring cups. No more searching high and low for the my 1/4 tsp when it's right there!

I really feel like I can take a deep breath. 

It just makes me happy to see everything lined up all nice and neat!

Don't judge my spices. We have massive containers of the stuff we use most often from Sam's Club. They're in a totally separate cabinet closer to the stove. And I don't know about you but I love my lazy susan in the cabinet. 

Behind my spices are extras that are used a lot less often than the others. Like once or twice a year. 

And let me just tell you that I LOVE Oxo containers. If I see them on sale anywhere I can't help myself. I promise to post my pantry another day and you can see how much I love them. I'm really hoping to get a Silhouette Cameo soon so that I can label all my containers...or at least borrow one of my best friends...(hint hint wink wink!)

The items I use the least are behind everything else on the second row. Such as food coloring, candles for birthdays and cupcake liners.

Did you see my adorable little scoops in these containers I got those at World Market for just a few dollars! I love them!

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  1. Command hooks are great!!! I have a number of them on the inside of my cabinet doors holding everything from potholders to cutting boards!!! Definitely helps me make the most of my very small kitchen!!!