Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busy. Busy. Busy.

So it's been a long time since I've written...I really had a goal in mind to blog once a week to get into a rhythm.  As usual I was extremely over confident in what I could get done with all my everyday activities with the kids, errands, and work around the house. (The chaos took over again.)

So here's a super quick catch up on what's been going on since my last post. 

We had a birthday for one of the kids. And if you have kids you know how the week of the party is C-R-A-Z-Y! So I got nothing else done except cleaning, making decorations, buying food, cleaning, more decorations and a little more cleaning.

If you're looking for cupcake toppers check out my friend Kim at Sweet Collie Designs. These pirates ones were amazing!

And I've been sewing like CRAZY. 


Skirts for baby girl. (Post coming soon!)

A sleeve for my laptop/iPad. (Another post!) 

And zippered pouches! (And ANOTHER post!)

And it's not a normal crazy. It's crazy hopped up on caffeine because I bought myself this beauty! 

Hi my name is Erin and I HAD an addiction to Starbucks lattes.

But now I don't have to run out to get coffee. I can make it at home which allows me more time to get stuff done at home to make things.

Which naturally meant I needed to go shopping of new coffee mugs and espresso cups. (Somehow those fruit baskets snuck their way into my cart.)

(All the mugs and the fruit baskets came from World Market.)

Back to the sewing.

I had several friends ask me about my headbands.

So I made a few and everyone loved them and then they were gone. So I ran out to one of my favorite places on earth...the craft store! And stocked up on a few fabrics. 

Seriously I'm in love with each of these fabrics they are so fun and bright. I can't wait for spring/summer to get here.

Headbands and lattes.

Then I joined a friend at the craft store to help her with a baby shower gift....and I couldn't resist getting more fabric for headbands. 

(It also helps that I have an upcoming volleyball tournament in a few weeks that my club director suggested I sell them at.)

Then I had a day where nothing went right. So I decided to do a little cleaning and re-arranging with my new pegboard. (And another upcoming blog post I swear!)

And some more. 

It's been a little crazy but I promise I'm working on some new posts as well as all these headbands!

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