Monday, November 10, 2014

Bocce Ball- Brunch Cocktail

Mimosas and Bloody Mary's are your typical brunch drinks and as much as I love a good Mimosa my preference is a Bocce Ball. When you make this drink it looks like murky orange juice which tends to cause people to be wary of trying it. But to be honest with you...I haven't found anyone who doesn't like it. 

What You Need:

Amaretto Liqueur (Disaronno is our preference)
Orange Juice
Soft Drink (Pepsi or Coke will work but we prefer Dr Pepper for the extra sweetness)

First things first a nice generous pour of your Amaretto Liqueur.

Fill the glass with your Orange Juice.

Top with your soft drink of choice. 

And then give it a little swirl!

Pair with a nice big breakfast. All of your friends might think you're crazy when you try and share this drink but I promise they're going to love it and so will you.

Note: I have not found a bartender who knows this drink. So you'll have to let them know how to make it if you prefer to eat brunch out.


Please remember to drink responsibly!

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