Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Home Purge Part 2

So on my last post I shared with you all that I was in the process of doing a Fall Home Purge. Here's an update on what I've been up to. 

I can tell you that I've been working on my dresser and master closet and getting a lot done there but it's not done yet for me to share. So here's everything I've done since my last post in addition to working on purging all my old or unused clothes.

My first stop was our coat closet. As you can see it's a bit of a mess. It's over loaded with shoes that haven't been put where they're supposed to be as well as being overrun with jackets.

So I searched through and removed all jackets we are no longer using as well as our shoes. Then since it's cold outside I placed all my flip flops (4 pairs), sandals (2 pairs), and all my flats in the bin on the shelf. Then the bin on the bottom shelf I placed all the kids shoes in it. They typically just throw their shoes in the closet and they don't fit on the rack well so I'm hoping this will be a better option. 

Next up was under the bathroom cabinets. Up first the half bath on the main floor that the guests use. 

First I made sure my first aid kit is properly stocked and made notes of what to pick up. Then I found an extra shoe bin to place all of the leftover child safety supplies instead of keeping it in the gift bag they came in...4 years ago. I also went through and purge any extra stuff that hadn't been used in over a year including candles, air fresheners, expired children's tylenol, etc.

For my master bathroom I was going to start on my husbands side but it is exactly how I organized it over a year ago. So I moved onto mine. It's a little crazy.

I started by pulling everything out and tossing all lotions, body sprays, makeup, etc that were expired or have gone unused for over a year. (I really had a lot to get rid of)  Everything was reorganized curling iron and straight iron and extra bathroom supplies in the metal basket. All my nail polish in the large multi color make up bag...(I have an addiction to nail polish). All my makeup in the purple bag (I own next to none). All of my hair sprays and creams are behind the nail polish bag.

The kids bathroom cabinets are empty except for extra towels and washcloths so there was nothing to do there.

So then I moved to the kitchen. I decided to tackle my lazy susan. Stuff falls out every time we open it and finding things are difficult.



I got rid of all tupperware that did not have partner. Actually I just got rid of a bunch of lids. The actual containers were missing and have been for quite a while. I tossed any water bottles that did not have lids or were broken.


You can't see it but in the back right corner I was able to move a stack of bowls down into the lazy susan instead of keeping them on top of my refrigerator!


My final task in this post was underneath my kitchen sink. We had begun tossing items underneath instead of placing them in their places and some of those cleaners were practically gone.

I took the time to combine or toss empty bottles. Made notes of homemade cleaners to make so I can refill the bottles. Reorganized and replaced everything!

Each time I purge a section of the house I feel so much better. It's amazing how much your mood can be uplifted with throwing away or donating a bunch of stuff!

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